How OneNDF Simplifies the Loan Process for Businesses

OneNDF Loan

OneNDF is a credit marketplace dedicated to simplifying the loan process for small businesses. Leveraging public digital infrastructure, OneNDF provides tailored financial solutions to help build a complete debt stack. The goal is to ensure that small businesses have access to the funding they need to grow and expand.

It follows a four-pronged approach to lending, including a soft pull of credit bureau data, financial analysis, bank statement review, and GST data analysis. By doing so, OneNDF offers businesses a comprehensive credit assessment that includes a detailed report known as the Business Health Card. The report provides businesses with insights, risk outlook, recommendations, and actionable insights to help improve their financial health and business performance.

OneNDF does not stop at offering credit assessments. The platform suggests suitable financial products based on a business’s cash flow and credit profile. These products may include factoring, invoice bill discounting, and sale bill discounting. They uses an advanced rule engine and has API integrations with over 60 lenders to accurately match businesses with appropriate financial institutions based on their credit profile and needs.

It’s goal is for the platform to recommend the most efficient financial solutions for short-term business requirements. Real-time API integrations with lenders allow them to provide immediate and efficient debt-related solutions and processing of transactions. To improve the user experience, OneNDF provides rewards points for engaging with their platform, which can be redeemed for various benefits.

Small business owners are likely to benefit from OneNDF’s services, which offer efficient, customized financial solutions for their debt and credit needs. OneNDF even offers a free credit score check but uses a soft pull to check credit scores. A soft pull is an inquiry that does not affect the credit score, unlike a hard pull inquiry, which can slightly lower the credit score and is visible to lenders.

OneNDF (the legal entity is Devick Biz Solution Pvt Ltd), was founded in 2017 and transitioned to an online marketplace in August 2022. The platform focuses on providing digital financial solutions to small businesses. The goal is to simplify the loan process and help small businesses access the funding they need to grow and thrive.

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With OneNDF, small businesses can confidently navigate the lending process, unlock financial opportunities and propel their businesses forward. OneNDF’s emphasis on providing comprehensive credit assessments, personalized product suggestions, real-time transaction processing and a user-centric rewards program sets it apart in the lending market.

In conclusion, OneNDF’s simplified lending process has helped small businesses access funding easily. The use of public digital infrastructure and the four-pronged approach has enabled OneNDF to offer tailored financial solutions. OneNDF’s user interface is designed to recommend financial solutions for short-term business requirements, with real-time API integrations with lenders to provide efficient transaction processing.

Small business owners benefit from it’s efforts to improve their financial health and business performance with a comprehensive business health card, suitable product suggestions, and credit score checks via soft pull inquiry. It is truly revolutionizing the lending landscape, providing customized financial solutions to small businesses.

OneNDF Company – Key Points:

  • Business: Online loan marketplace for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) in India.
  • Founded: 2021 by Nitin Khandelwal.
  • Mission: Provide timely and affordable credit to unbanked, underbanked, and fundable SMEs, promoting financial inclusion.
  • Services:
    • Loan marketplace connecting SMEs with 90+ lenders.
    • Financial Health Card creation for borrowers, assessing business health and offering recommendations.
    • Access to non-traditional lending for non-fundable businesses.
  • Impact:
    • Facilitated over ₹3,000 crores in debt for SMEs.
    • Aims to create an ecosystem of “cheaper & smarter” debt financing solutions.


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