HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria 

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Eligibility Required – to avail HDFC Personal Loan

HDFC Bank ensures personal loans to salaried employees based on the below-discussed eligibility criteria. Following individuals to sets in the competency can stable themselves with this financial product. 




21-60 Years 

Job Category 


Private Ltd Co

Public sector undertakings (PSUs)

Local, State & Central Bodies 

Income required 

Minimum Income Required 

INR 25,000 Per month – Individuals with HDFC Bank account (Salaried). 

INR 50,000 Per month – Individuals with other Bank accounts (Salaried). 

Occupational record 

Total 2 years employment and minimum 1-year employment under the current employer. 

Interest Rate 


Loan amount 

Upto INR 40 Lakhs


Upto 5 years 

Credit score 

700 or above 

Documents Required: HDFC Personal Loan

Minimal and Basic documents are required to guarantee personal loans from HDFC Bank. The list of documents is mentioned below. 

  • Address Proof – Electricity bill, Driving license
  • Identity Proof  –  Voter ID, Aadhar card, PAN card
  • Statement of Bank Account – Last 3 months 
  • Duly Filled application form
  • Latest Salary slips/ Salary certificate/ Income statement / ITR – FORM – 16

(Note: Visit the bank’s official website or nearest branch for authentic information)

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Eligibility Calculator: HDFC Personal Loan 

In case an applicant is not sure about his eligibility for a personal loan. HDFC Bank provides a calculator to measure the eligibility criteria, using which one can directly find his eligibility and probability of getting approved or disapproved. 

Check Personal loan EMI Calculator

Once the applicant opens up the portal, he’ll be required to fill in the details asked. The details will include 

  • Applicant / Company’s Name, 
  • Monthly / Yearly Inhand Salary, 
  • Overall work experience 
  • Age 
  • On-going EMIs 
  • Tenure 

(Note: The Number displayed in the calculator is tentative. The final amount is determined once all the documents get submitted)

Monthly EMI Calculator: HDFC Bank 

The EMI amount comprises the principal amount, including the rate of interest and is segregated as per deduction. The tenure in which the loan has to be repaid will let one measure the EMI immediately. The EMI calculator helps applicants better manage the loan and repayment. To calculate HDFC Bank personal loan EMI, three essential components are required, i.e.

  • Amount of Loan,
  • Rate of Interest, 
  • Repayment Tenure 

Factors determining and affecting personal loans eligibility: HDFC Bank 

There are certain factors that have the power to incline or decline the eligibility of the applicant. HDFC Bank considers these factors before finalizing the personal loan. Also, these factors determine whether the applicant is applicable or not. 

Credit score 

The credit score is an essential factor in determining the applicant’s eligibility. A score ranging from 300-900 plays a dominant role in determining the personal loan eligibility of one. A credit score that is near 900 will be considered higher and reflects the good creditworthiness of the individual and the ethical repayment history of the previous credit facilities. Also, the credit score has the potential to influence the rate of interest offered in the loan; there are possibilities of getting approval at a low-interest rate if the applicant has maintained a good credit score. At HDFC, the 


More income or a higher salary depicts the improved and enhanced capability of the one to repay the borrowed amount. HDFC Bank prefers salaried individuals with decent and fueled-up banking when finalizing personal loans. But high income is not the only factor involved at the time of assessment. If one is not having other factors like CIBIL score or age criteria in favor, there are high chances of rejection.  Increased income is definitely an important aspect but not the only factor. 


At the time of the assessment, HDFC bank professionals evaluate the whole profile in and out. The existing debts and liabilities play a significant role at the time of eligibility calculation. The outstanding loans and other debt obligations often make it difficult for one to secure a professional loan. From the lender’s perspective, it is a risky shot to take hence the bank will delay or reject the file. Banks will accept files that are free from previous or existing liabilities. 

Age criteria 

It’s a relevant factor often considered at the time of application processing. The younger applicant with good banking possesses a high chance of approval. The young applicant has more remaining time to repay the borrowed amount. The age limit ranges from 21-60 years. The age closer to 60 has chances of denial or delay; interest rate and repayment tenure will get decided accordingly. 

Existence in HDFC Bank 

According to previously witnessed incidents, priority is often allocated to applicants who have maintained long working relationships with the lending institution. The reason being the profile is easy to get tracked. Also, banks will be able to verify the bank records and previously happened transactions. In personal loan applications, the existing customers often get the desired interest rates. 


If possible, try to add a Co-applicant to your personal loan application. In case one has an extra earning member in the family, add them as an applicant. Adding co-applicants leads to higher repayment potential and a lower interest rate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: HDFC Personal Loan Eligibility

Q.1 What is the minimum salary required for a personal loan in HDFC Bank?

INR 25,000 per month is the minimum salary required. 

Q.2 What is the limit for HDFC personal loans?

HDFC Bank offers personal loans upto 40 lakhs. 

Q.3 How much is the interest rate charged for HDFC personal loans?

HDFC personal loan interest rate starts from 10.5% and goes upto 21%. 

Q.4 Are HDFC personal loans secured or unsecured?

Personal loans are unsecured loans. No need to offer collateral/security to the lending institution. 

Q.5 Is it mandatory to be an existing customer to get a personal loan from HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank prefers customers who have maintained long-term working relations with them and may offer them the preferred interest rate. Not mandatory to be an existing account holder to secure a personal loan. 

Q.6 What is the importance of credit scores in HDFC Personal loans?

Credit score plays a crucial role in personal loans like any other loan. High credit score reflects high creditworthiness and improved chances of securing the amount asked. 

Q.7 What is the processing fee charged for HDFC personal loans?

The HDFC personal loans processing fee goes upto INR 4999/-. 

Q.8 How is HDFC EMI Calculated?

Use the HDFC EMI calculator. Mention Amount, Interest rate and Tenure.

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