7 Profitable Business Ideas in Kerala

1. Banana Chips

Kerala's famous banana chips are a popular snack with high demand, making it a lucrative business opportunity.

2. Coconut Oil Manufacturing

Kerala's abundance of coconut trees makes it the perfect location for setting up a coconut oil manufacturing business.

3. Tea Bag Making

Kerala's flavors inspire unique tea blends, creating a profitable market for specialty tea bags.

4. Tourism

Kerala's landscapes, backwaters, and cultural traditions attract tourists, providing opportunities for profitable businesses.

5. Eraser Making

Handmade erasers inspired by Kerala's art forms cater to the stationery needs of students and artists, creating a niche market.

6. Dance Classes

Kerala's rich cultural heritage offers an ideal environment to establish a dance class business, especially for dances like Kathakali.

7. Coffee

Kerala's love for coffee and the demand for specialty brews create a promising market for coffee entrepreneurs.