How to Apply for  EWS Certificate?


1. Eligibility

Check if you meet the criteria, including having an annual income below a certain limit, not owning a large residential plot or flat, and not availing previous government benefits.

2. Application Process

There are two main methods to apply - online and offline.  Online applications can be submitted through state-specific portals, requiring document uploads and online fee payment.  Offline applications can be made at designated authorities, who will guide you through the process and provide the application form.

3. Required Document

Typical documents include a duly filled and signed application form, proof of address, proof of income, identity proof, passport-sized photograph, and caste certificate if applicable.

4. Processing Time

The processing time varies based on the workload of the issuing authority. It generally takes 15-21 days, but it could be longer in some cases.

5. Fee

There may be a minimal fee associated with the application, which varies by state.