How MSME Samadhaan Portal Transforms MSMEs' Financial Fortunes!


MSME Samadhaan is an online portal launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to help MSMEs in India address delayed payment grievances. The portal is accessible to all MSMEs in the country.

What is MSME Samadhaan Portal?

MSMEs often face financial stress due to delayed payments by buyers. Payment delays can affect cash flow, disrupt business operations, and strain relationships with suppliers, lenders, and other stakeholders.


MSME Samadhaan provides a platform for MSMEs to file complaints regarding delayed payments by buyers. The portal is designed to make the complaint filing process simple and hassle-free for MSMEs.


MSMEs can file complaints against both private and public sector buyers for both settled and unsettled invoices. Once a complaint is filed, it is sent to the buyer for resolution. If the buyer does not respond or fails to resolve the issue, a demand notice is generated.


MSME Samadhaan has helped thousands of MSMEs across India recover their outstanding payments on time. The portal has been successful in promoting a fair payment system and increasing transparency in trade practices.


MSMEs can reach out to support teams for any assistance or guidance through the complaint filing process. The portal also provides online tutorials and guides to help MSMEs better navigate the platform.