Book Auto Rides with Zero Commission Charges! 


Hire an Auto Rickshaw with No Commission Charges - O RICKSHAW is an app that connects you directly with drivers. Auto drivers get 100% of what you pay, supporting them and their families.

Rapid, Hassle-Free, and Safe Auto Rides

-Lightning-fast app for easy ride booking -Trustworthy drivers pick you up at your doorstep for a safe journey

Built on the "People First" Principle

-User-friendly app with no Unfair pricing -A win-win for both Drivers and Passengers

Based on the ONDC Protocols

Aligns with the Indian Government's vision of an open, inclusive, and equitable digital commerce ecosystem

For Passengers

-Book your Ride: Choose a Ride and Driver, trustworthy drivers pick you up at your door for a safe journey -Ride: Travel with confidence to your chosen destination -Payment: The auto driver receives the 100% fare

For Drivers

-Receive Request: Get instant requests from riders on the app -Accept the Request: Pick up the rider from his/their location -Ride and Drop-Off: Drop the rider at their destination

Advantages of O RICKSHAW

-Operates on a "Direct-to-Driver" model, meaning no commission is taken from the trip fare -Offers potentially lower fares for Passengers than aggregators with commission structures -Focuses on innovation and cost-efficiency to benefit both customers and drivers alike