5 Indian Space Startups Can Blow Your Mind

1. Agnikul

Agnikul is an innovative space startup that is revolutionizing the satellite launch industry with their unique and efficient launch vehicle technology.

2. Aadyah

Aadyah Aerospace is a pioneering fintech startup that specializes in providing integrated financial solutions to streamline and automate financial operations for businesses and individuals.

3. Skyroot

Skyroot Aerospace is a cutting-edge rocket engineering startup that is focused on developing cost-effective and reliable launch vehicles to meet the growing demand for satellite launches.

4. Bellatrix

Bellatrix Aerospace is an advanced space technology startup that specializes in propulsion systems, electric propulsion, and satellite components to support the evolving needs of the space industry.

5. Astrogate

Astrogate Labs is a trailblazing space communication startup that offers secure and reliable satellite communication services to enable efficient data transmission for NewSpace companies.