Top 5 Startup Companies in chennai

Yubi is a unified credit platform that connects borrowers and lenders for corporate loans, supply chain finance, corporate bonds, co-lending and securitisation. It offers a marketplace for enterprises and corporates to choose from 750+ lenders and get the deal of their choice, quickly and 100% digitally


Mind & Mom is a deep-tech company that empowers women with better health and fertility solutions by incorporating AI, data science and behavioural science. It has helped over 2,00,000 women on their fertility journeys and provides personalised pregnancy and fertility wellness solutions through its app.

Mind & Mom

AgniKul Cosmos is an Indian aerospace manufacturer that develops and launches small-lift launch vehicles for micro and nanosatellites. It has designed Agnibaan, a customizable low-Earth orbit launch vehicle powered by electric pump fed engines. It aims to make space accessible and affordable for everyone.

AgniKul Cosmos

Pando is a full-stack aquaculture input and outputs platform with embedded fintech, supported by a phygital distribution network. It works with 60,000+ fish & shrimp farmers, farm input producers, financial institutions and seafood buyers using AI & satellite remote sensing to increase productivity and provide efficient market linkages.

Pando is a unified PSA-RMM platform for IT services and MSPs. It combines the tools and workflows needed to manage IT operations, projects, billing, and customer relationships. It also leverages AI and automation to simplify and streamline IT service delivery.