Bank Of Maharashtra Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The Bank Of Maharashtra Personal Loan EMI Calculator simplifies the process for individuals applying for personal loans to compute their monthly EMIs that need to be paid. Using this tool simplifies the process of calculating monthly payment requirements. Bank of Maharashtra provides a diverse range of financial products wherein personal loans stand out as highly utilized ones. Through the use of this calculator individuals can estimate EMIs for Personal Loans,  Home loans, Two-wheeler loans, Auto loans, and various other options.

The Bank of Maharashtra’s EMI calculator gives people the power to plan their borrowing and repayment strategies, predict their monthly budget before applying for loans, and analyze their ability to repay the borrowed money.

Bank of Maharashtra Personal Loan: Elements of EMI Calculation

The calculation of EMI for a Bank of Maharashtra Personal Loan involves a straightforward procedure and requiring basic details about the loan. For using EMI calculator three pieces of information are essential for determining the EMI amount to be repaid by the borrower. These elements include.

  • The Loan Amount (Example: Rs 10,00,000)
  • The Interest Rate (Assuming 10.00 %)
  • The Loan Repayment Tenure (5 Years)


 Monthly EMI                                         Rs 21,247

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Equation applied for EMI calculation

For the computation of Bank of Maharashtra Personal loan EMIs there are three key factors come into play. These variables are to be included in the formula below to determine the amount you need to pay.

E = [ P x R x ( 1 + R ) ^ N ] / [ ( 1 + R ) ^ ( N – 1 ) ]

In this above equation:

E – represents Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) 

P-  represents Principal Amount

R-  represents Interest Rate N represents Tenure

How to Utilize the Bank of Maharashtra Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The EMI calculator of Bank of Maharashtra is referred to as a financial instrument that can be conveniently employed by both current and prospective borrowers. This tool is designed to be user friendly and straightforward in its application.

Input the necessary information including the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment tenure with accuracy and care.

Select the Generate EMI  option after that calculated EMI amount will be presented at the bottom of the page.

Features & Advantages of Bank of Maharashtra Personal EMI Calculator

  • Simple to compute and determine the EMI sum 
  • Effortless & user-friendly 
  • Completely accurate 
  • No cost involved 
  • No need for registration 
  • Full data security 
  • Easily available

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Benefits of Using the Bank of Maharashtra EMI Calculator

Utilizing the Bank of Maharashtra EMI calculator offers several additional advantages that can greatly assist applicants in the long term.

  1. Budget Management By employing the EMI calculator, individuals can obtain an estimate of their monthly payment amount. This EMI amount remains consistent throughout the entire loan tenure, enabling better management of other monthly expenses.
  2. Enhanced Eligibility The Bank of Maharashtra personal loan EMI calculator provides an added advantage of enhancing eligibility for future loan applications. Typically, financial institutions grant personal loans to individuals whose monthly EMIs do not surpass 50% of their income. Hence, reducing this amount could increase the likelihood of loan approval.
  3. Improved Credit Scores for Future Loans Applicants who opt for the Bank of Maharashtra EMI calculator become equipped with insights into their monthly obligations and mentally prepared to meet the payments within the specified tenure. Consistently meeting EMI obligations contributes to maintaining a favorable credit score, facilitating access to future loan facilities.

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Factors Impacting Personal Loan EMI Calculation

Bank of Maharashtra The amount of EMI for a personal loan is influenced by three key factors all of which play a critical role in determining the final payable sum. 

  • Approved Loan Amount 

A greater sanctioned loan amount results in higher EMI payments as well as an increased overall interest cost. The ability to obtain the loan sum is contingent upon the individual’s profile, repayment capacity, and the duration of the loan. 

  • Applied Interest Rate 

Individuals securing personal loans at lower interest rates are required to make comparatively lesser monthly EMI payments. It is advisable to compare interest rates on personal loans offered by various banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) before making a decision. 

  • Loan Repayment Period 

Applicants opting for extended repayment periods for their personal loans are inclined towards lower monthly EMIs. Depending on the applicant’s profile, there exists room for negotiation regarding the loan’s interest terms.


The Bank of Maharashtra  EMI calculator is a convenient tool for estimating monthly EMIs for various loan types. By entering loan details like amount, rate, and tenure, borrowers can plan their finances better. The calculator aids budgeting, boosts future loan eligibility, and enhances credit scores. Remember, loan EMI depends on approved amount, interest rate, and repayment period, all of which impact the final payment. Utilizing this tool empowers borrowers to make informed financial decisions.

FAQ related to Bank Of Maharashtra Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Q1: What is the EMI for a 2 lakh personal loan for 5 years from Bank of Maharashtra? 

The monthly EMI for a 2 lakh personal loan with a tenure of 5 years from Bank of Maharashtra would be Rs. 9229.

Q2: How can I get a low EMI for a personal loan?

To achieve a lower EMI, consider these approaches: make a substantial down payment, opt for a longer tenure, explore step-down EMI plans, make part prepayments, or explore balance bank transfers. Remember, while these methods can reduce monthly payments, they might impact total interest paid.

Q3: How does the EMI calculator help borrowers? 

The EMI calculator enables borrowers to estimate their monthly payment obligations accurately, plan their borrowing and repayment strategies, and assess their financial ability to repay borrowed funds.

Q4: Can the EMI calculator be used for purposes other than personal loans?

Yes, the EMI calculator can be used for various loans, including personal loans, home loans, two-wheeler loans, and auto loans provided by Bank of Maharashtra.

Q5: What are the benefits of using the Bank of Maharashtra EMI calculator? 

Using the EMI calculator helps in better budget management by estimating consistent monthly payments, enhancing eligibility for future loans due to reduced EMIs, and improving credit scores through consistent payment practices.

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