IDBI Bank, a reputed institution in the world of finance, recognises the importance of offering solutions that cater to the unique requirements of individuals. Among its wide range of financial products, the IDBI Bank Personal Loan stands out as a versatile tool to bridge the gap between your finances and aspirations. 

To ensure that the personal loan is available to the right candidates, IDBI Bank has established a set of well-defined eligibility criteria. In delve into the IDBI Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria, explaining the factors that determine who can avail of IDBI Bank Personal Loan. 

Eligibility Required – To acquire IDBI Personal loan

IDBI Bank offers personal loans to salaried persons, self-employed individuals and pensioners. It enables you to get loans at an interest rate starting from 11%. Before applying for an IDBI Bank personal loan, it is essential to assess your eligibility and ensure that you meet the following criteria: 





Age21-60 years of age25-60 years of age75 years at the time of maturity
IncomeINR 1,80,000INR 3,60,000
Other Must be a permanent employee in State/Central/PSUs/MNCs/Listed companies having or not having an existing relationship with the bank.  Must have an account at IDBI Bank     The borrower must have a pension account at the bank. 

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Documents Required: IDBI Bank Personal Loan

Documentation needed to apply for IDBI Bank Personal Loan are: 

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Identity proof
  • Residence proof
  • Last 6 months’ bank statement
  • Latest salary slip (for salaried individuals only) 
  • Salary certificated with Form-16 (for salaried individuals only) 
  • Latest ITR or Form-16 (for self-employed individuals only)

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How to increase your chances of getting an IDBI Bank Personal Loan?

Credit Score 

The credit score holds significant importance for IDBI Bank in determining the interest rate. A higher credit score reflects a responsible credit history, reducing the lending risk. Those with favourable credit scores are more likely to secure lower interest rates on their personal loans.

Income Level and Stability

IDBII Bank also takes into account the borrower’s income level and stability. A higher income coupled with a consistent job record showcases the ability to repay, potentially resulting in lower interest rates.

Loan Amount and Tenure 

Factors such as the loan amount and tenure influence the interest rate. Typically, larger loan amounts or longer repayment periods might lead to slightly higher interest rates compared to smaller loans or shorter terms.

Existing Relationship with Bank 

Customers making an existing relationship with the bank. Like holding an asset or a liability, could qualify for advantageous interest rates or special deals.


The applicant’s age is another pivotal aspect. Younger borrowers have more repayment years, which can lead to favourable interest rates and loan terms compared to older applicants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions- IDBI Bank Personal Loan?

Q.1 What is the minimum credit score required for IDBI Bank Personal loan?

A credit score of 750 or above is required to secure an IDBI Bank Personal loan.

Q.2 What is the maximum amount of personal loan offered by IDBI  Bank? 

The maximum amount of personal loan offered by IDBI Bank is INR 5 Lakhs. 

Q.3 What is the minimum amount of personal loan offered by IDBI Bank? 

The minimum amount of personal loan offered by IDBI Bank is INR 25,000.

Q.4 Is it mandatory to be an existing customer to avail of a personal loan from IDBI Bank?

No, it is not at all mandatory to be an existing customer to get a personal loan from IDBI Bank.

Q.5 What should be the minimum income of a salaried person to avail a personal loan from IDBI Bank?

The minimum income of a salaried person must be INR 1,80,000 to avail a personal loan from IDBI Bank.

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