Axis Bank Personal loan EMI Calculator

Axis Bank Personal loan EMI calculator makes it much easier and convenient for applicants to evaluate their monthly payable EMIs. Once you have decided to acquire a personal loan for emergency or short-term credit needs, then you no longer have to worry about uncertain and un-predicted incidents. Using this tool offered by Axis Bank, one is eligible to calculate EMI on every loan and credit facility available, such as a Home loan, Two-wheeler loan EMI and many other loans. 

Axis Bank EMI calculator makes it easier for one to plan borrowings and repayments. Also, never forget to check monthly inflows and outflows before acquiring any credit facility. Evaluate your repayment capability with the usage of the Axis Bank EMI calculator, and check monthly EMI before closing the deal. 

Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator 

To evaluate your EMI on Axis Bank Personal loan, check Axis Bank’s official website. Search for an option for Axis Bank personal loan over there and find an EMI calculator. In order to calculate the EMI, nearly 3 important details needed to get filled in the columns, namely – 

  • Loan amount 
  • Interest Rate 
  • Loan Repayment Tenure 

Enter all the above details precisely and get to know your monthly EMI in just one click. The amount will be available and mentioned at the bottom of the page.

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Calculate Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI

Axis Bank ensures this financial tool to its customers and other individuals. The tool is easy to use and gets processed at convenience. 

  • Mention your crucial loan details, such as Loan amount, loan duration and interest rate, with complete accuracy and attention. 
  • Click on the “Calculate EMI” button – The payable monthly EMI amount will get reflected on the bottom page after clicking. 

For Instance 

Following below is the example of how Axis Bank Personal loan EMI is calculated 

Loan Amount (Rs)                                                            Rs 40,00,000

Interest Rate (% p.a.)                                                                  16%

Tenure (months)                                                                          60

Equated Monthly Installments                                        Rs 97,272 

Benefits & Features – Axis Bank Personal loan EMI calculator

Personal loan EMI calculators have various exclusive benefits and renowned features discussed below.

  • Instant & Accurate results 
  • Informed credit decision 
  • Negotiation with the lender
  • Better interest rate
  • Zero chances of faults & misinterpretations 
  • Saves Times 
  • Guidance in financial planning 

How to Apply for a Personal Loan with Axis Bank?

  • Visit your nearest Axis Bank branch or check the lender’s official website. 
  • Existing customers can apply for personal loans with net banking by mentioning the asked credentials, such as Income details, the amount asked etc.
  • Do check the eligibility criteria before finalising the personal loan to get a better deal. 
  • Evaluate certain parameters like credit score, history and full profile given by credit institutions of India. 
  • If everything goes right, fill out the form, submit the documents asked and wait for the disbursal. 

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Who is eligible to take the Axis Bank Personal loan?

Working professionals and salaried employees can take Axis Bank personal loans. The credit facility is assessed after evaluating one’s profile and repayment capacity. 

  • Professionals – CAs, Doctors, Architects, Company Secretaries. 
  • Salaried Individuals – Public sector undertakings (PSUs), Private Ltd co, Public Ltd co, Central bodies and Local bodies. 

Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 What details are required to calculate Axis Bank’s Personal loan EMI?

One has to enter loan details such as the Loan amount, Interest rate and Repayment tenure. 

Q.2 What is the maximum tenure for an Axis Bank personal loan?

5 years or 60 Months are the maximum repayment tenure availed in Axis Bank personal loan. 

Q.3 Is one eligible to apply online for an Axis Bank personal loan?

Yes, one can apply for an Axis Bank personal loan online. 

Q.4 What interest will be charged on a 5 lakh personal loan from Axis Bank?

The interest rate in Axis Bank personal loans starts from 10.49 % to 22%

Q.5 How is EMI Calculated?

Axis Bank EMI is calculated manually using the formula.

E = [ P x R x ( 1 + R ) ^ N ] / [ ( 1 + R ) ^ ( N – 1 ) ] 

E is EMI 

P is the Principal amount

R is the Interest rate 

N is the tenure/duration in months 

Q.6 What is the best way to calculate monthly EMI?

Use Axis Bank Personal loan EMI calculator to get the accurate payable EMI amount. 

Q.7 Why choose Axis Bank personal loan?

  • Minimal Documentation 
  • Flexibility in Time & Amount
  • Transferability 

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