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    What is Nira Loan App and How Does It Work?

    NIRA App is an instant loan app that provides personal loans without any physical documents. The app is powered by NIRA Finance Pvt. Ltd. It is a NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Two former bank employees, Rohit Sen and Nupur Gupta, launched the app in 2018 with the goal of building a platform that would make loans easily accessible to the needy population in India.

    NIRA Loan App works on the principle of providing a line of credit to its customers which they can use as per their needs. A line of credit is a flexible loan facility that allows you to borrow money up to a certain limit and pay interest only on the amount you use. You can also repay the amount you borrow at any time and reuse the available credit limit again.

    To get a loan from NIRA App you need to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register yourself with your mobile number and Aadhaar number. You also need to link your bank account with the app using your net banking credentials. App will verify your identity and check your eligibility for the loan. If you are eligible you will get approved for a loan of up to Rupees 1 lakh within minutes.

    You can then use the app to request for a loan amount from your line of credit anytime you need money. The minimum loan amount is Rs.5,000 and the maximum is Rs. 1 lakh. You can also choose the tenure of your loan from 3 to 24 months. NIRA app transfer the money to your bank account within seconds.

    With the NIRA loan app platform you can track your loan status, repayment schedule, interest charges and available credit limit. You can also repay your loan by the app using auto-debit or UPI features. You can also prepay your loan without any penalty if you repay it within 7 days of disbursal.

    NIRA App claims to have a fast and easy process that does not require any physical documents or physical verification. This App uses advanced technology to assess your creditworthiness based on your bank transactions, social media profile and other data points. The app also claims to have a high approval rate and low interest rate compared to other lenders.

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    Is NIRA Loan App Real or Fake?

    Nira loan app is a real app that offers instant personal loans up to ₹1 lakh. It is one of the best loan apps in India, ranked 8th in the list of 20 best loan apps. It has a simple and fast application process, and it claims to provide loans at low-interest rates and flexible repayment options. However, some users have complained about the app’s customer service, data privacy, and CIBIL score impact. 

    According to some reviews, the app has harassed and threatened customers and their relatives for late payments, leaked their data to third parties, and spoiled their credit history by not updating their loan status. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and cautious before applying for a loan from Nira app. You can also check other loan apps that may offer better services and features. Check your cibil score in free.

    Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Nira loan app

    To be eligible for a Personal loan from NIRA App you have to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Indian citizens between the age group of 21 and 65.
    • Consistent income source if you are salaried employee or self-employee.
    • You must have an Aadhaar card or a bank account linked to your mobile number.

    You don’t need any physical documents! The app’s verification process is entirely online.

    Benefits of getting Nira Loan App

    NIRA loan app stands out as a revolutionary solution in the financial sector. It offers a range of benefits that are helpful for the financial needs of its users. Here’s why choosing NIRA App for your personal loan needs could be a wise decision:

    Quick and Convenient: With NIRA App, you can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere with your smartphone. The entire process is digital, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

    Flexible Loan Amounts: Whether you need a small amount to cover an unexpected expense or a larger sum for a significant purchase NIRA App offers loans ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs.1 lakh.

    Customizable Tenure: You have the freedom to select a repayment period that suits your financial situation with options ranging from 3 to 24 months.

    No Collateral Required: You don’t have to worry about providing any assets as security. NIRA App grants loans based on your creditworthiness.

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    How to Apply for a Nira loan App

    Applying for a loan through Nira loan app is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

    Download and Register: Install the NIRA loan App from your app store and sign up using your mobile number and Aadhaar number.

    Link Your Bank Account: Securely connect your bank account to the app using net banking credentials for verification purposes.

    Request Your Loan: Once approved choose your desired loan amount and tenure and receive the loan amount directly into your bank account.

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    Interest Rates and Repayment Options for NIRA Personal App Loan

    NIRA loan App offers competitive interest rates that vary based on your credit profile. The rates range from 2% to 3% per month on a reducing balance basis making it an affordable option compared to other lenders. Repayment is just as flexible with options like auto-debit and UPI allowing you to schedule payments according to your convenience.

    Customer Feedback About: NIRA Personal Loan App

    NIRA App currently has over a million downloads and a 4.2 star rating on the Google Play Store indicating its popularity and user satisfaction. But not every user of the app has experienced satisfaction. Here are some of the common feedback and complaints that users have shared about NIRA App.

    Pros: Many users have appreciated the app’s fast and easy loan application process quick disbursal of funds, low interest rates, flexible repayment options and friendly customer service. Users have also praised the app’s easy documentation process and line of credit feature which allow them to access loan without any problem.

    Cons: Some users have faced issues with the app’s technical glitches such as login errors, OTP failures, app crashes and slow loading times. Some users have also complained about the app’s high processing fees, hidden charges, frequent calls and messages from the app’s agents and poor customer service. Some users have also reported that the app rejected their loan applications without giving any reason or explanation.

    User reviews are mixed with many praising the app’s easy to use and quick disbursal times.But, some users have reported issues with customer service and technical glitches within the app.
    Personally speaking, I have used this app to take a loan of Rs. 25000 which I got very easily through this app. This is a good option to get a loan easily.

    Apply for personal loan at low interest rate

    Comparing NIRA Personal loan App with Other Instant Loan Apps

    • NIRA loan app provides loans without checking the credit score, while most of the other apps require a minimum CIBIL score of 650 or more.
    • NIRA loan app offers a credit limit of up to Rs. 1 lakh, which can be used as per the user’s need. The user only pays interest on the amount used, not on the entire limit. Other apps have fixed loan amounts ranging from Rs.1,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs. Top 25 apps who provide instant personal loan.
    • NIRA loan app charges a monthly interest rate of 2%-3%, which is lower than most of the other apps that charge 10%-30% per annum. The user can also repay the loan in flexible EMIs up to 12 months. Other apps have shorter or longer repayment tenures.
    • NIRA loan app has a simple and fast application process, which can be completed in a few minutes. The user only needs to upload a selfie, PAN card, and bank statement to get approved. Other apps may require more documents or verification steps.

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    Nira Loan App Customer Care Number

    To get help from NIRA personal loan customer care, you can follow these steps:

    Call the NIRA personal loan customer care number +91 6363531535 or +91 9591196740. You can also send a WhatsApp message to these numbers.

    Explain your query or issue to the customer care executive. Bank resolve your query as soon as possible.
    If you are not satisfied with the response you can escalate your complaint to the NIRA grievance redressal officer at or

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    FAQs related to Nira Personal loan App

    Q.1 Is NIRA App safe and secure?

    Yes, NIRA App is safe and secure. To protect your financial and personal information, the app applies encryption and other security mechanisms. Additionally, the app follows RBI regulations and guidelines for NBFCs.

    Q.2 How can I check my eligibility for NIRA App loan?

    By installing the app and providing your mobile number and Aadhaar number during registration, you can figure out if you qualify for an NIRA App loan. After that, the app will use information from your social media profile, bank transactions and other sources to verify your identity and assess your creditworthiness. If you qualify you can get approved in minutes for a loan up to Rs. 1 lakh.

    Q.3 How can I increase my credit limit on NIRA App?

    You can increase your credit limit on NIRA App by maintaining a good repayment history, improving your credit score, updating your income details, and inviting your friends to use the app. The app will periodically review your credit profile and increase your credit limit accordingly.

    Q.4 What happens if I miss a payment or default on my NIRA App loan?

    The NIRA App cuts additional charges if you fail to repay your loan. It will also have a negative impact on your credit score, making it more difficult to obtain loans from different financial institutions in the future. NIRA Finance may take legal action against you.

    Q.5 How can I contact NIRA App customer care?

    You can reach NIRA App customer service by dialing 1800-123-4742 or sending an email to For more information you can also contact them by the app or visit their website at

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