HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rate

HDFC Bank allows people to save big on the Interest rate. Personal loans are offered at a competitive interest rate and negotiable processing fee. Availing HDFC Personal loan interest rate, one is eligible to pay comparatively less amount for monthly EMIs. Get attractive interest rates on personal loans starting @ 10.50% on the amount upto Rs 40 lakhs with a flexible repayment tenure of 5 years. Apart from it, the bank charges a processing fee of upto 2.5%. 

(Note: Interest Rate will depend on certain factors like credit score, repayment tenure, loan amount and no collateral/security is required to avail of HDFC Personal loan) 

Interest Rate, Fees & Other Charges – HDFC Personal Loan  

HDFC Personal Loan comprises different applicable charges in different circumstances and conditions. Interest rates, fees and charges are discussed below. 


Amount to be paid 

Interest Rate 

Salaried – 10.50% to 24%

Processing charges 

Upto Rs 4999/-

Stamp Duty 

Depending on state to state 

Payment delay charges 

18% P.a. + Applicable Govt Taxes on overdue Instalment amount

Post Loan Disbursement charges 

Repayment mode change charges 

INR 500

Legal / Incidental charges 

Standard charges may apply

Payment Return charges 

INR 450 per occurrence 

Repayment Schedule charges / Amortisation Schedule charges 

INR 50 per occurrence 

Loan cancellation & Rebooking charges 

Cancellation is only allowed with a lookup/cooling-off period. The interest rate applied will be borne by the customer.

(Note: Processing fee, stamp duty and statutory charges are non-refundable and will not be waived off) 

Rebooking Charges – INR 1,000 + taxes applicable 

Delayed Installment payment charge. 

18% P.a. plus taxes applicable on overdue installment amounts. 

Premature Closure Charges 

Premature Closure Charges 

(Full payment) 

(Applicable on outstanding Principal amount) – Post-cooling period off / look-up period. 

Upto 24 EMI repayment – 4% of principal outstanding 

Post 24 and upto 36 EMI repayment – 3% of principal outstanding 

Post 36 EMI repayment – 2% of principal outstanding. 

Premature Closure Charges 


(Applicable on Part-payment amount)

Partial premature payment is allowed post-payment of the first EMI.

Post 1 EMI and upto 24 EMI repayment – 4% of the part-payment amount.

Post 24 EMI and upto 36 EMI repayment – 3% of the part-payment amount.

Post 36 EMI repayment – 2% of the part-payment amount.

Partial premature payment is consented on upto 25% of the outstanding principal (allowed once in the financial year and twice in the whole tenure)

Other necessary conditions 

Loan amount 

50,000 to 40 Lakhs 

Repayment Tenure 

Upto 5 years 

Monthly Salary / Income

15,000 Per month 

Credit score 

700 and above 

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Factors affecting Personal loan Interest rate: HDFC Bank 

There are certain factors that determine interest rates in HDFC personal loans, following below are some of them. 

Loan Duration 

The repayment tenure or duration of a loan plays a crucial role in determining the interest rate of the personal loan. Shorter-term loans procure higher interest rates if compared with loans of higher tenure. The longer repayment tenure is suggested for lower monthly payable EMIs. 

Repayment Capability

HDFC Bank analyses and evaluates the applicant’s repayment capacity before sanctioning the amount. If the applicant has good creditworthiness and a stable income, all these factors directly improve the repayment capacity and increase the chances of approval. 

Applicant’s profile 

The interest rate charged on a personal loan greatly depends from profile to profile. The profile of the borrower plays an initial role in the whole process. Applicants with high credit scores get fast approval and faster disbursal, even at comparatively lower interest rates. 

Credit score 

Whether it’s a personal loan or any other loan, the CIBIL score is the primary factor that should be perfect and available upto the needed criteria. A minimum credit score of at least 700 or above is required to get an HDFC Personal loan. The number ranges from 300-900, and the applicant whose number is closest to 900 will get sanctioned at a lower interest rate. 

Relation with Bank 

HDFC Bank definitely treats its existing bank account holders very well. The benefit of relations includes special offers, interest rates and charges. If an applicant has a good reputation in the bank’s eyes and is a responsible borrower with good repayment history will definitely get a subsidy in the interest rate charged. 

How to Calculate Interest on HDFC Personal Loan 

One can use HDFC personal loan calculator to find out the payable interest rate. The manual calculation of interest rates can get a bit hectic and inaccurate. Interest offered by HDFC Bank on personal loans starts from 10.50% and goes upto 24%. Using a calculator the total payable amount will get sorted out. 

Highlights about HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates 

  • HDFC Bank offers interest rates in two specified categories, namely fixed and floating rates of interest. 
  • The fixed Interest rate remains the same during the whole repayment tenure – One needs to pay a fixed amount on every EMI till the loan reaches maturity.
  • The floating interest rate fluctuates as per the base lending rate. 
  • Offered to salaried individuals – interest rate depends upon the credit score of one. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rate 

Q.1 What interest rate is offered by HDFC Bank on personal loans?

HDFC Bank charges an interest rate of 10.50% to 24%, depending upon the individual.

Q.2 Which Bank approves personal loans easily?

HDFC Bank approves personal loans faster than other banks. 

Q.3 What is a good credit score?

A credit score of 700 or above is considered good as per Credit bureau India Ltd. 

Q.4 How to get a 900+ credit score?

  • Make Timely Payments 
  • Keep credit utilisation ratio low 
  • Maintain a long history of credit accounts 

Q.5 What is a negative credit score?

A score of negative or -1 implies one doesn’t have a credit history. Also, Individuals don’t have credit accounts. 

Q.6 Can I Close my HDFC Bank personal loan in 1 year?

One can prepay HDFC personal loan only after 12 months of the loan procurement. Foreclosure charges are applicable only after 12 EMI payments. 

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