Bank Balance Check Number: How to Check Your Bank Balance Online

Bank Balance Check Number

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    As you know, banks play a very important role in our personal financial management in which we deposit and withdraw our money. We also need to keep an eye on our money but nowadays no one has time to go to the bank. Due to lack of time, many people find it a difficult task to go to the bank and get information about their account.

    Banks have also given many options to get bank account information, using these you can check your account balance without going to the bank. Today in this article we will tell you various ways to check your bank balance. In this article we will pay additional attention to the use of balance check numbers by mobile phones. We’ll also talk about why these methods are good and how to keep them safe.

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    What is a bank balance check number?

    Before we talk about how to check your bank balance let’s first learn what a bank balance check number is. A bank balance check number is called a special set of numbers that lets you easily and conveniently get information about your bank account. Banks give out these numbers for users and each bank has its own unique one.

    How is it used to check the bank balance?

    Checking your bank balance is easy and fast. Just call the special number on your mobile phone and follow the instructions you hear on the phone. The system will ask for your account information and once it checks everything it will provide the details of your account balance. It is a fast and trouble-free way to keep track of your money.

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    Benefits of using the check number to check the bank balance

    Instant Access

    A big benefit of using a bank balance check number is that it lets you quickly see how much money is in your account. You can do this anytime and anywhere, even if you don’t have the internet. This is especially helpful in places where the internet might not work well.

    No Internet Required

    Unlike using mobile banking apps or internet banking, checking your balance with a bank number doesn’t need the internet. This means you can do it even in places where the internet is not very dependable like remote areas.


    Nearly every big bank in India provides balance check numbers which means they are available for people with accounts in all types of banks across the country. It doesn’t matter if you have an account in a government bank, a private bank or a local cooperative bank – you can use this method.

    No Additional Costs

    Using a bank balance check number is usually free or incurs minimal charges, making it cost-effective for account holders.

    No Need for a Smartphone

    You don’t need a smartphone to use a check number. Even a basic mobile phone can be used to access your account balance, making it accessible to a wider audience.

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    Check Bank Balance of Top Banks in India

    Now, let’s explore how some of the top banks in India offer the convenience of checking your account balance using bank balance check numbers.

    HDFC Bank

    HDFC Bank provides two options for customers to check their account balance: SMS banking and Toll-free mobile banking. These services enable customers to inquire about their balance, request a cheque book and check the status of their issued cheques. Check HDFC bank Interest rate

    Toll-Free Mobile Banking:

    • Account Balance: Call 1800-270-3333
    • Mini Statement: Call 1800-270-3355
    • Cheque Book: Call 1800-270-3366
    • Account Statement: Call 1800-270-3377

    SMS Banking:

    • Account Balance: SMS ‘BAL’ to 5676712
    • Mini Statement: SMS ‘TXN’ to 5676712

    Cheque Status Enquiry: SMS ‘6-digit cheque number’ to 5676712

    State Bank of India 

    State Bank of India leads the way with its innovative facility known as SBI Quick – Missed Call Banking. This free service enables SBI customers to conduct account balance inquiries and obtain mini statements by simply giving a missed call or sending an SMS to a pre-defined mobile number from their registered mobile numbers. Check SBI Personal loan Interest rate.

    Key Features:

    • No need to remember keywords or mobile numbers.
    • No internet connection required after installing SBI Quick.
    • One-time registration: SMS ‘REG Account Number’ to 09223488888 from the registered mobile number.
    • Services include Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Cheque Book Request, e-statement, and more.

    Axis Bank

    Axis Bank offers an easy-to-use Missed Call Service for balance enquiry and mini statements. Simply dial the provided numbers based on your language preference. Cheeck Axis bank Personal loan Interest rate.

    Key Features:

    • Account Balance: Dial 1800-419-5959 or 1800-419-5858 (in Hindi)
    • Mini Statement: Dial 1800-419-6969 or 1800-419-6868 (in Hindi)
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    ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank offers a convenient Missed Call Service that allows customers to check their account balance and view the last three transactions via SMS. All you need to do is give a missed call to the ICICI Balance Enquiry Number or send an SMS with the specified keyword from your registered mobile number. Check ICICI bank Interest rate.

    Key Features:

    • Balance Check: Give a missed call to 9594612612 or SMS ‘IBAL’ to 9215676766.
    • Last Three Transactions Enquiry: Give a missed call to 9594613613 or SMS ‘ITRAN’ to 9215676766.

    Punjab National Bank (PNB)

    PNB provides a missed call service that allows customers to check their account balance through a toll-free number or a specified landline number. To utilize this service, it’s essential to register your mobile number with the bank. Also check PNB interest rate.

    Key Features:

    Account Balance: Give a missed call to 1800-180-2223 (Toll-free number) or 0120-2303090.

    Check Bank Balance of Top Banks in India

    BankMissed Call Service Number(s)Other Info
    Bank of Baroda09223011300Savings, Current, CC and OD accounts
    Andhra Bank09223011300Savings, Current, CC and OD accounts
    Indian Bank09224150150Account balance with details of the last five transactions
    Canara Bank09015483483, 09015734734, 09015613613Account Balance in English, Last 5 transactions: English, Recent 5 transactions: Hindi
    Bank of Maharashtra09222281818Get an SMS with details
    Corporation Bank09268892688, 09289792897Balance enquiry in English, Balance enquiry in Hindi
    Central Bank of India09555244442, 09555144441Balance Enquiry, Mini statement
    Indian Overseas Bank08424022122, 09210622122SMS ‘BAL last 4 digits of the account number, Missed call service
    Dena Bank09289356677, 09278656677Balance Enquiry, Last 4 transactions
    Indian Bank09289592895
    IDBI Bank1800-843-1122, 1800-843-1133Balance Enquiry, Last Five Transaction
    Indian Overseas Bank08424022122, 09210622122SMS ‘BAL last 4 digits of the account number, Missed call service
    Punjab and Sind Bank07039035156Toll-free number
    Union Bank of India09223008486SMS ‘UBAL account number’ for account balance, SMS ‘UMNS account number’ for mini statement
    Syndicate Bank09210332255
    UCO Bank1800-274-0123No missed call balance enquiry service, Toll-free Number
    Kotak Mahindra Bank1800-274-0110Toll-free service
    Dhanlaxmi Bank08067747700, 08067747711Balance Enquiry, 3 months statement
    Yes Bank09223920000, 09223921111Account Balance, Last 5 transactions
    Saraswat Bank09223040000, 09223501111Balance Enquiry, Last 5 transactions
    Karnataka Bank1800-425-1445, 1800-425-1446Balance Confirmation, Mini Statement
    Karur Vysya Bank09266292666, 09266292666Savings, Account Statement enquiry, Account Statement enquiry
    South Indian Bank09223008488Missed call balance enquiry
    Federal Bank1800-419-0610Missed call balance enquiry
    RBL Bank09223011300Savings, Current, CC and OD accounts
    Bandhan Bank09223008666, 09223008777, 09223011000Missed call balance enquiry, Mini statement enquiry, SMS ‘BAL Account number’ for a balance enquiry, SMS ‘MINI Account number’ for mini statement
    DCB Bank07506660011 or 52484SMS BAL Last 4 digits of the debit card number
    Citibank Bank09223011300SMS ‘BAL Last 4 digits of the debit card number
    Deutsche Bank1800-123-6601Missed Call Balance enquiry
    Catholic Syrian Bank08828800900Toll-free number
    Standard Chartered Bank09987123123SMS ‘BAL’ for balance enquiry and SMS ‘TXN’ for mini statement

    Tips for checking the bank balance using the check number securely

    While checking your bank balance using a bank balance check number is convenient, it is essential to ensure the security of your financial information. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    a. Keep Your PIN Secure

    When asked for your PIN or OTP make sure to type it in quietly. Don’t tell anyone this information and don’t store it on your phone.

    b. Double-Check the Number

    Always verify that you are dialing the correct balance check number for your bank. Using the wrong code may lead to unintended consequences.

    c. Use Secure Networks

    If possible, use a secure and private network when checking your bank balance. Public Wi-Fi networks can be risky, as they may expose your financial information to potential threats.

    d. Logout When Done

    If you are using a shared phone or a public computer make sure to log out after checking your balance. This prevents unauthorized access to your account.

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    How to Check Bank Account Balance on the Phone?

    Now that we know why it’s good and safe to use a bank balance check number, let’s learn how to check your bank account balance with your phone.

    a. Find the Balance Check Number for Your Bank

    Different banks have different numbers for checking account balances. You can easily find this code on your bank’s official website, in the bank’s mobile app, or by contacting their customer service helpline. Make a note of this code.

    b. Dial the Balance Check Number

    On your mobile phone, dial the balance check number associated with your bank. After making the call, listen to all the information carefully and keep the important details of your bank account written down with you..

    c. Follow the Prompts

    Once you’ve dialed the bank number after that the bank will ask some basic details of your account which you have to enter.

    d. Enter Additional Details if Required

    Depending on the bank, you might need to enter additional details such as your date of birth, last few digits of your ATM card, or your PIN. Follow the prompts and enter the required information accurately.

    e. View Your Bank Balance

    After entering the necessary details, the system will authenticate your information and provide  the details of your account balance.

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    Advantages of Checking Bank Balance over the Phone

    Checking your bank balance over the phone offers several advantages that make it a popular choice among Indian account holders.

    a. Accessibility for All

    One of the most significant advantages is that it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of the type of phone you have. Whether you own a basic feature phone or a smartphone, you can use the bank helpline number to check your balance.

    b. Quick and Convenient

    Checking your bank balance through a contact number is a quick and convenient process. You don’t need to visit the bank branch or use internet banking, saving you time and effort.

    c. No Internet Required

    In lots of places in India, like the countryside, the internet can sometimes be shaky. But there’s a way to see how much money is in your bank without needing a good internet connection. You can just dial a number to check your balance, and this means you can check your account whenever you want, even if the internet isn’t strong.

    d. No Charges or Minimal Costs

    Most banks offer the contact number facility for checking balances either for free or at a very nominal cost. This makes it an affordable option for a wide range of users.

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    Conclusion – Bank Balance Check Number

    It’s important to keep an eye on your bank balance to manage your money well. In countries like India, many people depend on banks, so it is vital to have easy ways to check how much money you have.

    Banks give you special balance check number. These contact numbers work quickly and don’t need the internet, so you can use them even where the internet is not great.

    But, remember to be careful while using the Bank Balance Check Number. Always keep your financial info safe. So, when you want to see your bank balance, think about using Balance check number. Stay smart about your money and keep it safe!

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