How to Unblock SBI Credit Card

How to Unblock Your Credit Card

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    Have you ever faced a situation where your SBI credit card was blocked and you could not use it for any transaction? This can happen for various reasons like over-utilization, irregular payments, suspicious activity or loss of card.

    If you want to unblock SBI credit card you have several options to do so. You can use the online portal, customer care number, SMS Method, write to us option or visit the nearest branch. In this article we will explain each of these methods in detail and help you unblock SBI credit card easily.

    What to Do When Your Credit Card is Blocked

    When your SBI credit card is blocked, there are several steps you can take to unblock it:

    Reporting a Lost Credit Card Through IVR

    • Call SBI Credit Card Customer Care: Dial 39020202 or 1860 180 1290 (add your local STD Code prefix).
    • Select “2”: Choose this option to report your lost credit card.

    Reporting a Lost or Stolen Credit Card Through the SBI Mobile App

    • Login to SBI App: Access your account through the SBI mobile app.
    • Navigate to ‘Service Request’: Click on ‘Menu’, then ‘Service Request’.
    • Report Lost/Stolen: Tap on ‘Report Lost/Stolen’, select your card number, and submit to automatically block your credit card.

    Reporting Your Lost Credit Card Through the SBI Website

    • Visit the SBI Card Website: Go to
    • Login and Navigate to Requests Tab: Log in to your account, go to the Requests tab.
    • Report Lost/Stolen Card: Select ‘Report Lost/Stolen Card’, choose your card number, and click ‘Submit’ to block your card.

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    5 Methods to Unblock SBI Credit Card Online?

    How to Unblock SBI Credit Card

    Here are steps to Unblock SBI credit card using various methods:

    1. Unblock SBI Credit Card Online

    • Visit the official SBI Credit Card portal at
    • Log in using your provided credentials or create an account if needed.
    • Navigate to the ‘Requests’ Section and select ‘Card Activation’ to unblock your card.

    2. Unlock SBI Credit Card by Email

    • Access the SBI Card website and log in to your account.
    • Find the “Write to Us” section on the homepage.
    • Select the reason for your request (e.g., a blocked card) and fill out the necessary information in the form.
    • Submit the form to initiate the unblocking process.

    3. Unblock SBI Credit Card by Sending an Application Letter

    • Write a formal letter to the SBI Card customer service, including your full name, credit card number, and the reason for the block.
    • Clearly express your desire to have your card unblocked and mail the letter to the designated postal address for SBI Card customer service.

    4. Unblock SBI Credit Card by Visiting the SBI Branch

    • Visit the nearest SBI branch and approach the customer service desk to request unblocking.
    • Provide government-issued ID and any relevant details.
    • Pay any outstanding amount if applicable to complete the unblocking process.

    5. Unblock SBI Credit Card via Customer Care Number

    • Call the SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number: 1860-180-1290 or (STD Code) 39020202.
    • Follow the IVR instructions, providing the necessary identification credentials to unblock your card.

    What is the Reasons for Blocking SBI Credit Card

    Reasons for Blocking SBI Credit Card

    Several reasons may lead to your SBI credit card being blocked:

    1. Suspicious Activity – SBI Card aims to protect you from suspicious or fraudulent transactions. If any such activity is detected, your card may be blocked for your safety.

    2. Overutilization of Your SBI Credit Card – If you’ve used up your credit limit, your card may be blocked from further usage.

    3. Irregular Payments – Missing payments or not paying at least the minimum amount due may result in your card being blocked.

    4. Written-off Accounts (More than 6 consecutive payment defaults) – If your SBI Card account has been written off due to continuous payment defaults, credit facility on your card will be permanently withdrawn.

    5. Non-receipt of KYC Documents – Failure to comply with ‘Know Your Customer norms may lead to temporary deactivation of your card.

    6. Permanent Closure of Account – Upon your request to close the SBI Credit Card account, your card will be permanently blocked.

    Important Things to Remember About Credit Cards

    Important Things to Remember About Credit Cards

    Here are crucial aspects to ensure the safety of your credit card usage:

    • Save credit card customer care numbers on your mobile phone.
    • Never share your credit card PIN.
    • Avoid saving credit card information online.
    • Use your credit card for online transactions only on secure websites.
    • Check transaction receipts to verify amounts.
    • Avoid carrying all your credit cards at once.
    • Install licensed antivirus and anti-phishing software.
    • Use unique PINs for each credit card.
    • Avoid using public computers for online transactions.

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    Getting your SBI credit card blocked can be a bit of a problem, but if you follow these methods we talk about in this article, you can make it work again fast and without any worries. Don’t forget to focus on using your credit card safely and follow the best rules to keep it safe from bad people who might try to steal from you. If you ever have any problems with your credit card, you can always call the SBI customer service team for help. Stay safe and keep enjoying all the useful things your SBI credit card can do!

    FAQs Related to Unblock Sbi Credit Card

    Q.1 How to activate delinquent SBI credit card?

    If your SBI credit card is blocked due to delinquent payments, you can unblock it by visiting the nearest SBI branch, approaching the customer service desk, providing necessary details, and settling any outstanding payments if applicable.

    Q.2 Can I Unblock my SBI credit card online?

    Yes, you can unblock SBI credit card online. Visit the official SBI Credit Card portal at, log in to your account, navigate to the ‘Requests’ section, and select ‘Card Activation’ to initiate the unblocking process.

    Q.3 What is the SBI Credit Card Unblock number?

    The SBI Credit Card Customer Care number for unblocking or reactivating a blocked card is 1860-180-1290 or (STD Code) 39020202. You can call this number and follow the IVR instructions to unblock your credit card.

    Q.4 How to Block SBI credit card?

    To block your SBI credit card, send an SMS BLOCK XXXX (XXXX=last 4 digits of your card number) to 5676791 or call the helpline at 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02.

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